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Punctal Plugs

OasisThe dry eye specialists at Better Vision New Jersey may suggest punctal plugs as supplemental therapy for your dry eye syndrome. The lacrimal punctum is the tiny opening to the tear drainage system in the corner of each eye lid near the nose. The use of punctual plugs is typically helpful in moderate to severe cases of dry eye syndrome, especially when there is an element of aqueous (water) deficiency. Tears leave the surface of the eye in one of two ways, either by evaporation or drainage through the lacrimal puncta and tear drainage system into the nose. Theoretically, the fewer tears that drain into the nose, the more moisture remains on the surface. So punctal plugs are used to block drainage into the nose.

Punctual PlugsDepending on the type of dry eye problem you have, our eye doctors may use a different type of punctal plug. The two main types are temporary or permanent punctual plugs. The permanent plugs are made of a silicone substance and the temporary plugs are made of dissolvable collagen. Our dry eye doctors may decide to place a temporary plug in your eye prior to selecting a permanent punctal plug. Most patients have no problems with punctal plugs and cannot even feel them in the eyes. If you are concerned about risks associated with punctal plugs please be sure to see one of our eye care specialists.